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What is DisgRACE to the White House?

DisgRace to the White House is a fast-paced, political party board game.

Pulling directly from the headlines, players laugh and strategize while they steal electoral votes, guess how to complete insane tweets and impersonate the man-in-charge.

Laugh, don’t cry as you race to beat Donald Trump to the White House! Because even your least favorite friend is better than what we’ve got now.

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A portion of all proceeds goes directly to Build A Movement 2020.

  • "A fun, satirical board game that is the perfect party game for this politically charged environment"

    Alex Tourk, Founder and Principle of Ground Floor, former Deputy Chief of Staff to Gavin Newsom

  • "Super clever, creative game - a fabulous evening of laughs!”

    Laura Robinson, co-inventor of the hilarious bluffing game, Balderdash

  • “People keep saying we are living in some sort of bizarre and unbelievable TV show. Nah, we are living in a game, and it turns out it’s pretty fun to play!”

    Reza Aslan CNN correspondent, author, scholar, TV host and public intellectual.

  • "Who needs monkeys?!? DisgRace is more fun than a barrel of subpoenas, indictments and Russian oligarchs!"

    Kim Fay, author The Map of Lost Memories (Edgar Award Finalist for Best First Novel) Communion: A Culinary Journey Through Vietnam (Gourmand World Award Winner

  • "If you're not laughing at the insanity of our elected officials, you are crying at the reality of the incredible harm they are causing to the very fabric of our country. DisGrace to the White House is a great way to keep the humor alive while acknowledging the craziness of the times in which we live. Vive le resistance!"

    Dori Howard, entrepreneur, vintage board game collector, political activist

  • "Playing this game with friends is pretty much the best way to laugh about our current political climate. Between all the crazy tweets and the clever images my pals and I were enjoying talking about Trump and his politics for the first time. A hilarious and much-needed experience had by all."

    Melissa Sagemiller, actress "The Sleeper Cell", "Mr. Woodcock", "The Guardian" and #MeToo activist in the documentary "The Reckoning: Hollywood's Worst Kept Secret"

  • "This game gives you a much-needed chance to gather with friends and laugh about the absurdities of our current political climate."

    Lori Evans Taylor, writer and producer

  • "Like many of us, I have become numb to the constant stupidity spewing from Donny 45's mouth. This game reminded me of some of the 'high lites' (low lites) from his agonizing first two years in office. It was cathartic to play this game and made me more resolute in my feelings of resistance."

    B. Paine, game lover

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