DisgRACE to the White House

Let's face it, we're in a poop storm. Every day there is something coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. (or, more frequently Mar-a-Lago) that is embarrassing to the nation and dangerous to the world. If this were a fiction story, no one would ever believe it. One cannot make this stuff up. So, we made up a board game that almost writes itself.

DisgRACE to The White House is a fast-paced, satirical board game for people with an IQ over 50 across the globe. In between protesting, marching, and crying into your pillow, let's all laugh a little bit, too.  DisgRACE to The White House offers catharsis during these trying, fact-free, tiny-hands times. Players brush up on the Electoral College— the envy of authoritarian fascists worldwide--as well as DJT's certifiably insane Tweets, as they navigate the election and steal electoral votes (we learned from the best) in a race back to The White House.

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